How Well Do You Know Pine Forest Middle?

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Many people in the United states go to school. And this quiz is about my school, Pine Forest Middle School/Junior High School. About 1000 students go here. Are you one of them?

I made this quiz to see if anyone knows anything about Pine Forest Junior High School. It would be cool if you did, but it is ok if you don't know a bit about the school.

Created by: VamprincessDark

  1. What are the school colours?
  2. Are we a uniform school?
  3. How many 6th grade "teams" are there?
  4. How many 7th grade "teams' are there?
  5. How many 8th grade "teams' are there?
  6. Who is the most loved teacher?
  7. What colour uniforms pants, jumpers, skorts, shorts, kapris, and skirts can we wear?
  8. What colour uniform shirts, blazers, blouses, and sweaters can we wear?
  9. Do we have buses?
  10. Who is the secrtary?
  11. Who is the principal?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pine Forest Middle?