Malcolm in the Middle

I did not check the answers. I did it from memory of the Malcolm in the Middle show. questions that will test your intelligance and attention to this show.

think you are Malcolm in the middle fan?!!! ehh? well take this quiz and think again! I think you just might be biting more than you can chew!!!!!!!!

Created by: Rick
  1. What is Hal NOT aftaid of?
  2. Who's piece of cake is in the shower, that Malcolm complains about, in the episode, Kicked Out?
  3. In the episode, Lois battles Jamie Malcolm and Dewey film Reese do something on the diving board. They feature it directly live on the home page of what website??
  4. In the episode, Christmas trees, who does the squirrel bite?
  5. Hal missed a play at school, that Francis was in, young Francis was devastated, so Hal promised him what?
  6. Which play did Hal miss?
  7. When Dewy finds a dog in the streets he takes him home, and names him what?
  8. What is Dewey's Opera about?
  9. What lucky days does Dewey get because of his saintly twin?
  10. Malcolm sneeks what kind of girls into his house?
  11. Where were Hal, Dewey, Reese and Malcolm when Lois calls and tells them she's going to have the baby?
  12. what is Malcolm's IQ
  13. Hal and Lois are gone and Dewey finds a spare car key. Reese and Malcolm want to revenge people, but Dewey wants to go to the arcade. How old is he then?
  14. Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are brothers that stick together. But the only thing keeping them together, is the evidence of the worst thing they ever did locked inside a chest deep in the pits of their room. What did they do so long ago that forced trust and defense upon themselves?
  15. What does Lois order Hal to not think about, not talk about, and not know they exist?
  16. What is the name of Dewey's class's hamster?
  17. When Malcolm is being tutored by this extremely smart little kid, Dewey is doing his homework. The answer to his homework is what?
  18. Which of Malcolm's girlfriends do you never see the face of?
  19. How do Lois and Hal discover that Dewey had been switching his dead goldfish for live ones?
  20. What did Reese, Malcolm and Steve win for discovering how to separate the solutions in the episode, experiment?
  21. When Ida is going to move with her new husband to China, what does Hal say?
  22. What color marker does Jamie give to Reese in exchange for a cookie?
  23. What colors does Reese mix to make an entirely new color?
  24. Malcolm's girlfriend, Nicky, has a psycho dad, who is an ex-veteran and he used this to get a free meal where?
  25. what does Reese almost write on the stirp billboard, before interupted by Malcolm.
  26. what are Francis's first words?
  27. why does Francis get fired at the ranch?
  28. what color is Dewey's lucky shirt
  29. what are Lois's parents names?

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