U.S. History Syllabus Quiz-Mr. Dickey

There are many smart students at Pine View High School. Chances you are one of them, or at least one of the chosen lucky ones to take a full year of U.S. History.

The first step in determining the level of your intelligence (and possibly determining if you are truly a genius) is to take a short quiz on the inner-workings of Mr. Dickey's class.

Created by: Duane Dickey

  1. What is the web address for the class?
  2. Where can you find a textbook to use for any work not completed in class?
  3. If you miss class (excused absence), how many days do you have to turn in a late assignment for full credit?
  4. If you miss a class, how do you find out what you missed and get any missing assignments?
  5. If you really bombed a test, can you retake it?
  6. If you have a question about your grade what do you do?
  7. Is there any extra credit available to cushion your grade?
  8. How do you get an "A" in this class?
  9. What is highest possible grade for any late work?
  10. When is ALL late work due-no exceptions?

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