What is your Regional Class?

What is your class going to be? this will describe your personality a bit and what assignments you will have to look for in the future. You may retake if you feel the class does not fit you.

Are you a dragon? or maybe a friendly sphinx? What can you do to make a living? Get you assignments that are easy or challenging! Find out your class for the Regionals now!

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. You are given an assignment by a teacher which is done in two weeks. You..
  2. You see somebody trip in the hallway you...
  3. (random yes but important) Pick a mythical creature
  4. You can pick any class. What class do you pick?
  5. Favorite book genre
  6. Solve this magic+creativity=
  7. You are interested in..
  8. Music genre
  9. Love?
  10. (Last question)yay! what is your political view?

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Quiz topic: What is my Regional Class?