How well do you really know pokemon?

How well do you really know Pokemon? There are several ranks you may rank as. Newbie, Novice, Class C, Class B, Class A, and Class S! What will you rank as?

Take this test and test your knowledge. There are a total of 25 questions, do you think you can get everyone right? Test you Pokemon knowledge HERE, good luck!

Created by: Gold Fury

  1. There are currently ___ Pokemon in existence
  2. The ninth pokemon in each indexes are...
  3. Who does Duosion evolve into?
  4. The champion of pokemon yellow is...
  5. The extra islands in fire red after beating the champion are called the...islands
  6. The 4 executive of team rocket are...
  7. Gonzap is the leader of team..
  8. There are _ admins of cipher
  9. Who is the gym leader of Mahogany city?
  10. Who is the champion of Hoenn (Ruby and Sapphire)
  11. What are Maxie and Archie's strongest pokemon?
  12. How may eyes does Dusknoir have?
  13. Who is the boss of team plasma?
  14. Pignite is the __ Evolution of the fire starter.
  15. Magmar and Electibuzz evolve FROM ___ & ____
  16. Kanto has ___ pokemon.
  17. True or false, Gengar is a boss in Pokemon pinball
  18. Hoothoot + Slugma +Torkal + Metagross + Charzard - Wurmple = HOW MAY LEGS?
  19. Espeon's counterpart is ___
  20. Who does Pidgey evolve into?
  21. Lorali's best pokemon is...
  22. Koga's replacement at his gym is named...
  23. ______ is the 3rd elite four member of Hoenn
  24. Lucian of the Sinnoh elite four is a is a _____ type trainer.
  25. Adler's highest level Pokemon (the level and the Pokemon) is...

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know pokemon?