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Not sure which World of Warcraft class you should should roll? This quiz is designed to help align your interests, personality, and fighting style with the values in which each World of Warcraft class specializes.

This quiz focuses on a variety of factors in determining class, from fighting style to aesthetics. Take this quiz if you are not sure of your own class or if you want to see if your current class matches your personality.

Created by: Zeglo
  1. Of the following, in which location would you most like to live?
  2. An evil dragon is terrorizing your city. As a master of combat, the mayor commissions you to stop the threat. How do you slay the dragon?
  3. What kind of armor would you find the most useful in combat?
  4. Of the following pets, which would you like as a companion the most?
  5. Which of the following meals do you prefer most?
  6. Of the following colors, which do you like the most?
  7. A wise guru offers to train you to use one of six ancient weapons. Which do you choose?
  8. Which of the following climates do you prefer most?
  9. If you had to practice magic, in which kind would you want to specialize?
  10. Why do you fight?

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