Which class would you have been in on the Titanic?

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TITANIC!!!! Love the Titanic huh? Me too. Obsessed with it? Me too! Wanna know which Class you're in? I don't, I just wanna know what class YOU'RE in.

Just, not in a stalker-ish way! I got ya there didn't I! Haha, well here's the quiz where you find out! Good luck & I hope to not see you at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean!

Created by: Cyndy of Ohmydollz
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to swim?
  2. Do you like ice/snow/coldness/winter?
  3. Do you like to sleep?
  4. Favourite colour?
  5. What is your favourite job out of ..
  6. DO you know what Ohmydollz is?
  7. Do you like RAINBOWS!!?
  8. Are you ..
  9. Bonjour! Which language am I speaking?
  10. Favourite movie?

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