Oklahoma History

Few people really know Oklahoma...this quiz was designed to see if you know Oklahoma History! Just a few questions to find out how much you know about such a great place!

Do you know Oklahoma history?? Find out how much you really know aout this great state! This is a short quiz to see how much you really know! So, take a few minutes and find out what you do (or don't)know...

Created by: Mary
  1. How many counties are in Oklahoma?
  2. Oklahoma's state bird _________ is a somewhat quiet bird with beautiful plumage and a long sleek tail that is twice as long as its body.
  3. On March 26, 1930, the "Wild Mary Sudik" spewed oil for how long?
  4. How many area codes are in Oklahoma?
  5. In 1907, Oklahoma became the _____ state.
  6. Oklahoma is bordered by 6 states. Identify the correct ones
  7. What is Oklahoma's state drink?
  8. What is the Oklahoma state rock?
  9. What is Oklahoma's largest county by size?
  10. Which famous person listed was NOT from Oklahoma?
  11. On July 16, 1935, the world's first ______ was put in place in Oklahoma City.
  12. In ____ the opening to white settlement of a choice portion of Indian Territory in Oklahoma set off one of the most bizarre and chaotic episodes of town founding in world history.
  13. Toby Keith was born in which Oklahoma town.

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