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  • I got a 62% which is medium average but its a good thing that Im not a robot but I like monkeys a lot. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and I took Oklahoma history last year and didnt learn anything which makes sense because it is school.

  • I am from Oklahoma but I don't know much about it because they don't teach you about it in school. I love Oklahoma so much! I never want to move away! In the part of Oklahoma that I am from we don't get Tornadoes or Hurricanes or any of that junk.

    UvO rawr
  • I got 38%. I grew up in Oklahoma and I still live here. The reason I didn't know some of those we're cause they don't teach that in school. I'm a true Oklahoman. If y'all aren't, y'all should be, it's the best life ever. COUNTRY!!

    LOVER princess
  • I am from Oklahoma and got a 69%! I still live here and could never picture moving away! I love this place!-Tornadoes and all! :) (And yes! I payed attention in Oklahoma History!)

  • They just added more Area Codes! :/

  • nice i got 69.... considering i live here lol

    Ohanda Dehkahwhi
  • im from OK. and hot 31% /:


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