Re you Sooner Bred?

Okay everybody has it in them to love something or someone.In Oklahoma our hearts belong to our Oklahoma Sooners.Being from the Heartland and watching Sooners play on Saturdays college gameday is jut the way we roll.

Are you Sooner Bred?Do you have Sooner blood running through your veins?Have you got Boomer Sooner pride in your heart?Well by taking this quiz...we will soon find out.Are you ready?

Created by: Devin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What state were you born in?
  2. Where is OU located?
  3. What is the Schooner?
  4. What bowl game are the Sooners playing in?
  5. Who is Oklahoma's rival?
  6. Who did OU beat out to to win the Big XII Championship?
  7. What year is Bradford?
  8. Finish the sentence... Here comes the____!
  9. Do you like Bob Stoops?
  10. Do you pace the floor while watching an OU game on telivision?

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