What type of online learner are you?

More students than ever before are taking online courses to complete their degrees. Sometimes in the online classroom, we discover new aspects of our personalities. See who you really are in the online classroom.

Are you the one who hates to speak out in class? Or are you always the center of attention? How does this translate to the online environment? Even if you miss seeing people in the traditional classroom, you can bet that you still make an impression.

Created by: Melanie
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  1. When do you (or would you) typically complete your online assignments?
  2. The teacher asks each student to post a picture of yourself or your life online. You will probably:
  3. Your class is participating in a live chat. Afterwards, the instructor send you a private email regarding the chat. The email says:
  4. One student is confused about an assignment and posts a question on the discussion board about it. You know exactly how to do the assignment. You:
  5. The instructor tells you that you can have a choice of final exams (counts 25 percent of your grade!0. You pick:
  6. You have an online group project. Each of the group members is taking on a nickname, and choosing an animal that is most like them. You choose to be:
  7. You try to logon to your online course, but the system is down. You have an assignment due in just a few hours. You:
  8. Your instructor assigns yet another online group project. You will probably:
  9. Your best friend is also taking your online course but is struggling, while you are doing quite well. You:
  10. Your biggest challenge in taking an online course is:

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Quiz topic: What type of online learner am I?