Beyond the Reef ~ Infamous Quotes

Remember the online community known as "The Reef"? I don't blame you if it's just a distant memory, especially since no one talks about those days anymore.

Let's see how much time you've wasted online listening to the ramblings of others. Most of these {direct!} quotes should be fairly obvious. Anyway, have fun!

Created by: Gort of The_Clique
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  1. Who said this? "there will be NO crossdressing faggotry in here.."
  2. Who said this? "wanna get naked? *S"
  3. Who said this? "~smiles~ your posts are not much more than amusing ways for me to pass five minutes - kind of like watching a bug on its back"
  4. Who said this? "A racist is someone who calls someone from the hills a hillbilly"
  5. Who said this? "Thats ok, i never have a clue what i'm posting about. ;-)"
  6. Who said this? "I am desperately collecting potential bedmates!"
  7. Who said this? "Can't be as bad as the bratty little b---- who hijacks conversations for the attention."
  8. Who said this? "I won't resort to threats. I merely tell you the future of your existence here is at stake."
  9. Who said this? "thanks for having as sick a mind as I do"
  10. Who said this? "Isn't this old blind fool leading around a liquored up blind fool..........Soooooooo f---in funny.."

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