Movie Quotes are you in the know?

Can you Guess these less known movie quotes? Do you watch too many movies? I say you can never watch too many movies and you should always pay attention to the movies quotes. If you can guess these quotes you are a Genius.

Do you think you know it all? Well bring it on go head to head with me and see if you can guess these quotes. Than you can call yourself a true Genius.

Created by: Melodie
  1. Name That movie "and the quarterback is toast!"
  2. Name that actor "luagh it up fuzzball..."
  3. Name that movie "golf clap"
  4. Name that movie "but, but, your Black!"
  5. What movie is this quote from "Do you like my new dress?!! Whatever takes the focus off your head!"
  6. Who said "it can't rain all the time."
  7. Name that movie "Out of the way, Peck!"
  8. What character said this "Where is fancy bread, in the heart or in the head?"
  9. What character said this "Where is fancy bread, in the heart or in the head?"
  10. " Let us out, Let us out... Let us in, Let us in..." comes from which movie.
  11. "shes the last of the v8 interceptors" comes from what movie.
  12. "I'm sorry, I don't speak English. You are speaking English right now. No, I only know how to say, I don't speak English in English."

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