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Have you gone to It is a great site of quotes that demotivate you. Just click on view all demotivators to view their quotes. If 4 of your dogs are golden retrievers, your stupid.

All demotivators have a great purpose. There are quotes for customer disservice, stupidity, idiocy, and disservice. Have you answered all the questions correctly? Oh wait, there aren't any bad answers. There aren't any good ones either.

Created by: Abarame Amanachi

  1. How do you find an idiot?
  2. How do you find a pencil?
  3. I'm getting tired of doing this, are you?
  4. What do you say to an aetheist
  5. Do you have a dog
  6. Aghmah
  7. D
  8. Jlaskd
  9. What was with that last question?
  10. Almost over, do you want coffee
  11. Last question, have you played Dolphin Olympics?

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