WWE History quiz

There are WWE hall of famers, legends, an future superstars. But there are only so many who know the history behind it. If You know a little somethin then listen!!!

Are you a WWE genius? /do you have what it takes to become a true WWE legend in it's fine history? Well until now You could only wonder. But now it's the WWE history test!!!!! Find out if you got what it takes to become Legend of WWE history

Created by: Tyler Williams
  1. What year did the Undertaker debut
  2. Who was the first ever money in the bank winner
  3. Im 6'5" tall Im the most dominant animal in the WWE I have won the Heavyweight championship 6 times who am I
  4. Which superstar was in the first ladder match, elimination chamber match, and hell in a cell match?
  5. Which superstar faced Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 2 and what match type was it
  6. Which man went on to win a title in his debut match?
  7. What year did the first armegeddon (6 man) hell in a cell match happen
  8. Which WWE superstar calls canada home
  9. Which Diva was the first to win enter the royal rumble
  10. Which superstar has been in every wrestlemania up to wrestlemania 20

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