Historical Geography Quiz

Geography, a subject about the planet on which we live and reside. History, a subject about what we have done while residing on said planet. Can YOU master them both?

Take this quiz for a sensational geography and history test, with questions that cover all areas of history, geography, and cultural studies across time and the planet.

Created by: gishkiman
  1. Which of these empires did not occupy Mesopotamia at some point in time?
  2. The Battle of Thermopylae Pass, more commonly known by the name, "The last stand of the 300", consisted of nearly 5,000 Greek soldiers under command of Leonidas, and half a million soldiers under the Persian king ___.
  3. William the b------ of Normandy fought to gain control of England from which Saxon leader?
  4. Which country has never been under the control of the Spanish Empire?
  5. Which government occupies mainland China?
  6. Buddhism originated in ___.
  7. Once capitol of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the city of Istanbul rests in the center of the Istanbul Strait, which connects which two areas?
  8. the first people in N. America likely came from ___.
  9. Which is not a Baltic country?
  10. The largest empire in Antiquity, second largest in history, was the ___ Empire.
  11. Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloomefontein are all capitols of which country?
  12. The Emperor Charlemagne was the leader of which medieval empire?
  13. Which country combines Greco-Latin and Hebrew characters in their alphabet?
  14. The modern-day capitol of France, Paris, was originally named ___.

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