Which Historical Pyrate Be Ye?

Aye Mate, welcome to the Historical Pyrate Quiz brought to you by The Pyrates Way. Most of the questions are based on historical accounts, others are based on possible outcomes. Which pyrate would you be?

There's a wide range of Pyrates to think about from blood-thirsty murders and rumoured cannibals to privateers who were misunderstood. Ready to test yer Pyrattitude?

Created by: Steve "The Black Fox" Kimball of The Pyrates Way
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  1. Which combination of weapons would ye like to have when bording yer target's ship?
  2. Pick your clothing, Cap'n
  3. After months of no leave and no ships, you finally have six bleedin' survivors of your prize on their knees in front of you, what's yer orders cap'n?
  4. Three Royal Drednaughts are headin' t'wards ya' with cannons at the ready, whattaya' do, mate?
  5. Apparently, ye suck as a cap'n and every man is behind the first mate's mutiny. What Say ye?
  6. Thar be two ships battlin' off the port bow, one of 'em's a legal prize according to yer letter of Marque. The other is a force of yer own royals. Enter the fray?
  7. Six of yer dozen crewmembers refuse to work. What's yer next move cap'n?
  8. You've had yer run of pyratin' and it's time to retire. How do you spend the rest of yer miserable life?
  9. Oh look, a bunch of wenches marooned on an isle and we're the only ship in miles. It's your move, mate.
  10. Welcome to Hell mate, pick your room.

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