are you as smart as a middle school sudent

most people have forgoten what the learned in school but but with this quiz you can find out if you are smarter than a a middle schooler or if your just plain stupid

Do you still remember what you learned in midle school. with this quiz you can find out if your smart stupid or in the middle when you take this quiz remember that its not rocket science.

Created by: ben
  1. What is normal fault
  2. which of the following in a middle school book
  3. where to comets come from
  4. what is the final stage of our sun
  5. the H-R diagram measures what
  6. what was the battle in the revolutonary war where the americans attacked the hessians
  7. what country help the americans win the revolutinary war
  8. what dose the elements chlorine and sodium combine to make
  9. what helped the americans relize that the articals of confederation where bad
  10. what branch of govorment creats laws for the U.S.
  11. who was the first to get a probe in space
  12. when did neil armstrong land on the moon
  13. who was george washingtons vice president
  14. what are hessians
  15. how many senators does each state have
  16. wich of the following is not a scientist
  17. what is a word for every thing that is
  18. what is an example of a dipthong
  19. which president was the first to die in office
  20. what bone does the wale have in its body that is no longer in use
  21. who was the father of the decloration of indipendance
  22. who shot the first bullet of the revolutinary war
  23. what is not a branch of EARTH science
  24. which of the following planets was going to become a star but did not collect the exact a mount of energy
  25. earth is the only planet with water

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Quiz topic: Am I as smart as a middle school sudent