Is it wrong to wait for Mr. Right ??

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Thread Topic: Is it wrong to wait for Mr. Right ??

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    angelic4 Junior
    i never meant literally to wait for the right guy, but thank you for the advise
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    I know what you mean, I do/say the same things, and my friends keep bugging me about it, but idc :p
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    storyqueen Novice
    No, it's not wrong to look for Mr. Right!
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    Sisi Experienced
    I think its to early to look for "Mr.right " but i think its good that people like you don't date just anyone. Some peoples now days will date just about anyone they can get their hands on....:3
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    ya thats soooo true sisi
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    musicgirl Experienced
    I think that if you mean, not date until you find the perfect person- you should not wait. People are different in a relationship than they are as just being friends with someone. And you don't know what you want in a relationship until you've weeded out some of the qualities you don't want. I think it's smart to date people so you know what to look for in the next person. That's just my opinion.

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