What Type of Guy Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Every girl wants to know what kind of guy they should date, right? We all want to know whether to go for the super-popular guy, the super-smart nerd, the star of the football team...the list goes on, haha!

Take this quiz, and you will know exactly what type of guy would be your ideal boyfriend! If you already have a bf, maybe you'll even find out that you're actually destined to be dating the class clown from science instead! XD

Created by: Hailey
  1. What types of guys do you typically realize you are crushing on?
  2. What is your idea of a perfect first date?
  3. What interests would you & your ideal boyfriend share?
  4. What is your favorite outfit for a guy? Aka, what's hottest?
  5. What body type do you love for guys?
  6. What kind of movie do you want to watch with your ideal boyfriend?
  7. What kind of personality do you want your boyfriend to have?
  8. How much does intelligence matter to you in a guy?
  9. What would be a super hot/super cool/awesome career for your guy to have, if you were to marry him?
  10. Do you tend to like guys who are a lot like you, or really different from you?
  11. What would you "classify" yourself as? Be honest!
  12. Believe me, I know it's annoying to get told this...but please rate & comment! :D

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Quiz topic: What Type of Guy Should Be my Boyfriend?