Which Dog With a Blog Character are you?

Dog With a Blog is only a great TV Show that is super popular and everybody enjoys watching. It is so popular, just about the entire world knows the show. There are many characters that have their own personality.

Which personality do YOU have? Are you smart like Avery? Are you a nerd like Tyler? Find out by taking this really fun quiz I made! It's really fun, so give it your best shot!

Created by: Toadzilla

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  1. Are you ready to take the quiz?
  2. Do you hope this will be a pop quiz?
  3. Guess what? This isn't a pop quiz!
  4. What do you care about?
  5. What are you concerned about?
  6. How do you react in health class?
  7. How do you react to schoolwork?
  8. Rate on the positive scale.
  9. Rate on the negative scale.
  10. How much do you like video games?
  11. Do you like to party?
  12. Who do you want to be?
  13. Time to end the quiz!
  14. Ready to see who you are?

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Quiz topic: Which Dog With a Blog Character am I?