Your boyfriend or boy-best friend? (girls only)

Sometimes, if you had a male best friend, your boyfriend might get jealous, and make you chose between them, it's a hard situation, but in the end, you have to chose one.

I've been in that situation, I ended up choosing my boyfriend, but I had my reasons. Should YOU chose your boyfriend? Or your best friend? Find Out in this quiz.

Created by: cant make up my mind
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who cares about you and your feelings more?
  2. Who do you feel more comfortable with?
  3. Who do you think it should be?
  4. Is your boyfriend making you chose between them ?
  5. Do you and your boyfriend fight alot over this?
  6. Do you and your boyfriend fight alot over this?
  7. Who is giving you a hard time over this?
  8. Who do you love more?
  9. Who treats you better?
  10. Who will get hurt more if he lost you?
  11. Do you feel that you are forced to stay with your boyfriend or best friend?
  12. What do you want this quiz's result to be

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Quiz topic: My boyfriend or boy-best friend? (girls only)