How much does your boyfriend love you?

Girls are FOREVER wondering if their boyfriend TRULY loves them. Sometimes they act like they don't to be cool around their friends, but sometimes they're only using the girl. Boys are funny creatures, aren't they?

But the one question bouncing around YOUR brain right now is: Does MY boyfriend truly love ME?? Now, there's only one way to answer that question, and that's to take my quiz! I hope you enjoy it :)

Created by: *InLove*
  1. How often does he text you asking if you want to meet up?
  2. Does he remember when your birthday is?
  3. How flirtatious does he act to other girls?
  4. Does he mind you liking male singers?
  5. Does he let you go out with other male friends?
  6. Does he hold your hand in public?
  7. How long have you been together?
  8. How far have you gone? (You know what I mean...)
  9. How often does he buy you gifts?
  10. Do you think he tries hard to please you?
  11. If you were cold, would he let you wear his jacket?
  12. How does he greet you?
  13. Does he ever stroke/play with your hair?
  14. Does he like you wearing make up?
  15. When you say you look fat or ugly, what does he say?

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Quiz topic: How much does my boyfriend love you?