Platinum Love ¤Part 1¤

Well this is about two girls who hail from different backgrounds becomes best friends. But their friendship is put to test when one girl's boyfriend falls in love with the other girl.

It was soon followed by drama, hatred, heartbreaks, deceiveing, misunderstandings with unexpected twists. I hope you like. Also give me some descriptions for the two girls.

Created by: AquaWinter
  1. ''Thought that i was going crazy, just having one of those days yeah, i din't know what to do and there was you, and everything went from wrong to right, and the stars came out and filled up the sky, the music you were playing really blew my mind, it was love at first sight, cause baby when i heard you, for the first time i knew, we were meant to be as one. . . . Your alarm on you mobile phone played kylie minouge's song as you wakeup and just stayed in bed till the alarm went to snooze. You grabbed your mobile and turned off the alarm and went to shower to get ready for your first day in your new high school.
  2. Your name is KELLY. You are petite, have chocolate brown eyes, You have straight blond hair which was cut into a blunt bob with bangs and you're really thin. You live with your mom cuz your father left your mom when you were kid. You moved here after your mom got promoted. You left all of your friends back that made you cry but your now enrolled into WESTMAPLE high school and you are exited. You were always no.1 in your old school and you were known as very sweet and beautiful girl. But you never had a boyfriend or crush in your whole life.
  3. You brushed your teeth, took shower, put makeup, styled your hair in straight with loose curls at the end and straightened your bangs. You decided to wear black skinny jeans with matching black wedges with grey t-shirt which bared your waist. Grabbed your backpack and went downstairs. On your way to downstairs you decided to skip breakfast but your mom didn't let you skip the breakfast so you ate your breakfast which was Oatmeal and milk. Then you drived your jeanblue lamborghini into your new school and parked. As you got out of the car you glanced around the school and took a look at some students. Nobody impressed you so you decided to get to your class.
  4. You picked your schedule. You easily finded your locker and put your bag into it and grabbed some necessary books and stuff for the class which was english. You strolled around to find your classroom. Suddenly someone's shoulder hit your shoulder really hard. Because of that your book went flying. You dint even look who it was as you tried to pickup your books. But the person who hit you already picked it all and gave it to you. You looked at the person. The person was a guy. He was really tall. He had muscles which you knew by the pain caused by his shoulder. Has brown eyes. Has chestnut brown flippy hair with bangs covering his forehead 80%. He smiled at you and said, 'sorry'. His teeth was perfect. He has flawless beautiful face. Overall he's hot and adorable. His smile made you shy. You glared at him for few seconds and said, 'its okay' and walked away. But before he disappeared your head turned back to look him without your knowledge. You felt butterflies in your stomach cause he was doing the same. Unintentionally a smile formed on you face. Before anything the school bell went on and off. You ran and luckily find your class.
  5. The teacher was talking, you said, 'excuse me'. The teacher turned to you and asked, yes what? 'I'm a new student. While trying to find the class i dropped my books accidently so, i was late and i'm really sorry'. You said. 'Well its okay. Get in and take a seat' the teacher replied. There was three seats empty. One was at the first desk which you dint like. The second one was at the back next to a guy. He gestured you to come and sit with him which you bluntly ignored. The third one was next to a girl. You decided to sit there.
  6. You sat down next to that girl. You've never seen anyone beautiful than her. Beautiful was not the right word to describe her. Glamorous will fit her. Her face was attractive. She had chestnut red, very long hair which she styled it poker straight. You cant see her eyes because she was looking down and texting continuosly. She wore jean skirt with a coral coloured halter top with a key hole in the front. You also noticed she was wearing a 6inch heels. Every bit she looked, GLAMOROUS, RICH & CLASSY. Instantly you liked her and you felt some kind of respect for her. The rest of the period went soon and the bell rang. Quickly the girl was surrounded by two girls and she jockingly yelled at them, 'it is not funny'. Her voice was velvet soft and she had green eyes. Thank god luckily they went away so that you came back to your senses and prepared to go to your next class which was biology.
  7. You were in time for your biology class and took a seat. The teacher gave some assignments so you decided to focus on that. 'hey babe, my name is Cameron. You can call me Cam or Ron. What's your name?' The boy sitting next to you asked you. As you were about to answer him you realized that he was the guy who gestured you to sit with him in the earlier period. He had jet black hair, blue eyes, tall but not much as the guy who hit you. You noticed he was smiling as you check him out. He was really handsome and totally different from the guy you met earlier. You had a very unknown feeling towards him but you felt nothing for this guy. 'Don't call me babe and i dont have any reason to talk to you so mind your business' you said him rudely. 'Well you want a reason to talk me huh. Okay i have a good reason, how about we hangout together?' He said sweetly. You gave him a look and dint open your mouth for the rest of the period. When the class is over you quickly grabbed your stuff and got out of the class to avoid another conversation with him.
  8. Your next class was art. The teacher gave you a drawing project. You just wanted to draw something rough so you took a paper, pencil etc and started drawing a picture of a oldman walking with an umrella in the rain. As you were drawing you thought about the hitguy. You wondered how beautiful he was, how you felt something you've never felt before when he smiled. You got lost in your thoughts so you ended up drawing an oldman with an icecream in rain. You laughed at yourself. Soon the class is over. 'What's next, lunch' you told yourself.
  9. You found the lunchroom and there were only two to three students in line for lunch so you waited until the line was long enough to join and got your food and looked for a place to sit. You spotted the velvet voice girl sitting with one of the two girls from earlier. You decided to sit with them. On the way you noticed the hitguy sitting with his friends a couple of tables away. You sat down next to the velvet voice girl, facing the other girl. They both looked looked at you. Can i sit here? You asked the velvet voice girl. Yeah, no problem, the velvet voice girl replied in her velvet smooth voice. After a few secs later you started to eat lunch. Suddenly you felt water pouring over your head. You jumped from your seat and in front of you was the other girl who was not there laughing at you sarcastically with a empty water can. ''oh my god! You're sitting there? Hey you are too short to notice, wear some big high heels next time'' she said more sarcastically and took a seat in front of the velvet voice girl, next to the other girl.
  10. Before you can take all this in somebody started to wipe your drenched hair and shoulders with a tissue. It was none other than Cameron. You felt you face heat up. '' take your hands off me idiot " you yelled at him disgustingly. Everybody was now looking at you two including the hitguy. You felt embarassed and grabbed your food tray and dumped your food in the head of the girl who poured water over you and said, 'oh my god! I'm so sorry. I thought you was garbage. Next time wear some decent dress' you said with a sarcastic tone and marched off from the lunchroom without turning back. Cameron ran after you, 'wait a second babe' he shouted at you. You ignored him and went to you locker.
  11. You picked some stuff from your locker for your next class which was history. 'Please don't be mad at me babe. I'm only helping you' cameron said a little bit loud. 'I told you to not call me babe and FYI i have no right to be mad at you cause youre nobody to me. So please leave me alone and don't bother me' you said very calmly. His face dropped for a second but immedietly lit up. 'Yeah i'm nobody to you. That's why i want to know you. Who knows what relationship we're gonna have in the future. And if you tell me your name i wont calling you babe anymore. Anyway i like to call you babe, he winked at you. Annoyed by his comment you said, 'Alright my name is Kelly'. Yes! He muttured under his breath. 'Okay kelly this is my number you call me after you decide where to hangout, he scribbled his number on you book and went away before you could say anything. You wondered what youre getting yourself into with this guy.
  12. You found the classroom and got in early and took a back seat. Aftersometime the velvet voice girl walked in with the other two girls. That two girls sat in your front desk and the velvet girl took a seat next to you. After sometime the class started. The teacher was a lady and she was liberal. "What you did in the lunchroom was a little bit over the top'', the velvet voice girl told you calmly. "I don't think so. Your friend over there provoked me to do that" you replied. 'okay so you two are now even. What about dropping it and moving on' the velvet girl asked you. 'Well i got no problem with that' you replied. 'Okay, my name is Charlie' she said. 'Charlie?' you asked her. 'well my name is Charlotte and you can call me Charlie' she smiled slightly as she said. 'My name is Kelly and its nice to meet you Charlie' you replied. Soon the class was finished. After chatting with her the whole class you two exchanged mobile numbers and also found out that she's really a nice girl and also found that you two had many things commom.
  13. Other classes went soon without any encounters or converstion. Soon school was over. You got in you car and drove to your house. You still had time to pass before your mom returning from work. So, you showered, styled your hair, put on a daisy dukes with a cute top and decided to go to Starbucks. You took your phone, some money, put on a high heels and headed towards your car. After driving for sometime you've reached Starbucks. You parked your car and went into Starbucks. You ordered a Strawberries & crí¨me frappaccuino. As you took a look around you found Charlotte sitting with a hot chocolate and talking with somebody you cant see from here. You went to say a hi to her. She was all smiles talking. As you walked to her she beamed a big smile at you. 'Hi kelly what are you doing here' she gushed. 'Well i ordered and glanced around and found you' you said with so much ethusiasm. She was wearing a LBD with her hair pulled up into a high ponytail. 'Hey there you look familiar' a male voice said. As you turned around to face him, you felt like someone kicked in your stomach, you felt like your heart stopped. He was none other than . . . . .
  14. Well that's it. Hope everybody liked it. Comment who it was or who you want him to be. Which guy you liked the most. CAMERON or HITGUY? What's your thoughts about Charlie?

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