Paranormal Love (part 27)

Hey guys, welcome to part 27 of my Paranormal Love series. I'm SO sorry it took me forever to make this part. I have a million excuses why I'm late, which one would you like to hear? Well, the main three is that I'm up to my eyeballs in homework and projects for school. I'm not doing so hot, so I have to work harder in school. (four D's = unhappy mother.) Also, when I had a moment of free time, this site decided to malfunction and erase some of my progress. The third thing is that I'm going through a lot of girl drama and it's BAD. I got cussed out by some hoes at lunch today. That's always fun, and you know, It's hard to write when you're pissed off so I watched some smosh. I'm all good now.

Woah, long first paragraph! :P Recap: you were wondering why Jace didn't steal your powers and why he let the potion wear off. Jace replies. "Because ____..."

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. Jace pauses for a minute. He looks like he's searching for the right words. "____, I didn't steal your powers and I let the potion wear off because... I think I might be falling in love with you... and I just couldn't bring myself to steal your powers." Jace says. Thoughts?
  2. Regardless of what you're thinking, you stay quiet. Your eyes widen a bit, but your facial expression stays neutral. Jace looks like he still has something to say. He looks you in the eyes. "____, I swear. I've never felt this way about a girl before. I've never met anyone nearly as pretty, funny, and nice as you are. I've been happier with you in a week and a half than I've ever been in my whole life. I don't know how you feel about me, but I thought you should know the truth." Jace says. The sincerity in his voice was undeniable, there was no doubt he meant what he just said. You seriously feel like crying right now. That boy just poured his heart out in front of you and you are at a loss for words. "Can I tell you something else?" Jace asks. You nod, still fighting back tears. "My mission doesn't even seem that important to me anyomre. If it's what's keeping me from you, then I'm willing to give it up." Jace says. You are really shocked now. You had no idea you could change someone's thinking so drastically in such a short amount of time. You let out a long sigh. "Jace, I...I have no idea what to say... or think." you say. "It's okay, ____. I know it's a lot to take in. But I had to get that off my chest." Jace says. You smile a bit. "Thanks for being so understanding." you say. You hug Jace. Being in his arms makes you feel better.
  3. After a minute, you and Jace stop hugging. "Well, we should get going. If we leave now, then we can make it to my castle by noon and the guys can come and get you." Jace says. You give him a confused look. "But, if..." you begin. Jace interupts you. "I'll still take you back to the guys because I love you and I care about your feelings. If that's what you want, then I'll do it... that IS what you want, right?" Jace asks. Why does Jace have to make everything so complicated? You think for a minute and when you've made up your mind you say, "Yes. That is what I want. However, I don't want to lose communication to you. I want to hear from you often and visit you. I'm sure the guys will understand." you say. Jace smiles. "Well, I don't know if they will. But I'll be sure to keep in touch with you." Jace says. "I still don't know how you feel about me and I may never know. But that's okay if you don't want to tell me. I'm not asking you to." "Once again, thanks so much for being so understanding." you say. Jace gives you a cute half smile. You and Jace pack up the car and leave the hotel.
  4. The whole car ride is silent. You have a million thoughts running through your mind. You feel happy that you are going to see the guys again, but you feel sad to leave Jace. Even though you took a potion, your feelings for Jace were very real. You want to say something, but you have no idea how to put what you're feeling into words without majorly screwing it up, so you just say nothing. As you watch the millions of evergreen trees in the mountains rush by you, you feel a tear roll down your cheek. You turn away so Jace can't see. Time seems to rush by while you're deep in thought. Before you know it, you are approaching Jace's castle. You both say nothing, but walk hand in hand into the caslte. (In case you're wondering what happened to the dead gaurds and supernatural beings, Heidi burried them.) Jace finds it strange that there are no gaurds near the front entrance, but he doesn't put too much thought into it. You and Jace walk through the complicated hallways of the castle and up to his office. The door is closed, so Jace knocks.
  5. "Come in." you here a familiar female voice say. The voice belongs to Heidi. She rushes up to you and Jace. "Slate, you're back! And you've brought ____! I knew you'd come to your senses one day." Heidi says excitedly. "Not quite, Heidi." Jace says. Heidi frowns. "What do you mean?" she asks. Jace hesitates before saying, "It means that I'm not using ____'s powers to destory the humans." Heidi looks really shocked. "Slate, are you insane?!?! You're giving up your long term goal in life for a stupid girl?!?!" Heidi exclaims. Heidi's comment ticks you off. "Uh, this 'stupid girl' can hear you, you know!" you say. "You stay out of this!" Heidi snaps. Jace gives Heidi a look. "Don't talk to ____ like that." he says in a flat but serious tone. "Look, all I'm saying is that you're crazy for doing this, Slate." Heidi says. "Heidi, you can either accept my decision or you can leave." Jace says. "I'll never accept that desicion." Heidi replies. "Then leave." Jace says firmly. "What are you trying to tell me?" Heidi asks. "You're fired. Get out. I never want to see you again." Jace says, there's a bit of anger around the edges of his tone, but other than that, he seems pretty calm. Heidi, on the other hand, is the total opposite. "WHAT?!?!" she yells. "I'M YOUR BEST AGENT, YOU CAN'T FIRE ME!!!!" Jace shrugs and smirks. "I just did." he says. Heidi screams a bunch of things that I porbably shouldn't repeat, and storms out the door. But just before she's out of sight, she yells "And to think that I've thrown your enimes in the dungeon and you still have the nerve to do that to me!" Then Heidi dissapears.
  6. "Enimies?" you say. "Is she talking about the guys??" you ask in a paniced tone. "Well... they are considered 'the enemy'" Jace says. "Oh my God! We gotta get them out!" you exclaim. "Calm down, ____." Jace says. His eyes turn amber, and after looking at them, you feel calm all of a sudden. You take a deep breath. "Okay, I'm good." you say. "But are you going to let them out?" you ask. Jace reaches into his pocket and takes out a ring of keys. "Actually, I think I'll let you do that. They want to see you, not me." You take the keys. "Alright." you say. "Uhhh...where exactly is the dungeon?" "I'll show you." Jace says. You follow Jace through the complicated hallways of his castle and find yourself in a dark hallway near a metal door. "This is the place." Jace says trying to disguise the sadness in his voice. You play with the keys for a second and stare at the door, but then you turn back to Jace.
  7. "Look Jace," you say. "I don't know how they will react to this... maybe they won't understand. So if this is the last time I ever see you again..." You don't get a chance to finish your sentence because Jace interupts you with a kiss. A very passionate one I might add, like it's the last time he'll ever see you... which it may be, so he really made this one count. Even if he's not the guy you like, you stilll get a lot of butterflies in your stomach and your heart starts racing. Jace puts his hands on your sides and pulls you closer to him. When you finally pull away, you feel even more sad... Jace HAD to make the goodbye that much harder. "Goodbye, Jace. I'll miss you." you say. Jace hugs you tightly. "I'll miss you more," he says. "I'll never forget you, _____." He kisses you on the cheek. As much as you don't want to, you let go of Jace. "Goodbye, _____." Jace says, he takes a few steps away and then dissapears. The look in his dark eyes will always be burned into your brain. With as sad as you feel, you quickly unlock the door and walk in.
  8. The first cells you come across are Chris' and Ethan's. They see you right away and their eyes light up. "____!!!!" They both shout out. This causes the whole dungeon to become noisy. "What? ____ is here?!" "OH MY GOD!" "I missed ____ SO much!!!" you hear all familar voices say. Hearing their voices instantly cheer you up. You laugh a little. "Hold on, guys, I can only unlock one door at a time!" you say. You unlock Chris' cell first. Chris rushes out and nearly tackles you with a hug. "____!!! Oh my God!!! How did you find us?!?! We've been here for so long!!! You have NO idea how glad I am to see you!!! Hey, does this seem familiar?" Chris is talking at warp speed. You hug Chris back, as you missed him a ton too. You can barely breathe from Chris' hug. "I missed you too, Chris. I'll explain everything later, I have other people to free, you know." you say. "Oh, right. Sorry." Chris says letting go of you. You free everyone else, you can see they're still in their magical forms. "GROUP HUG!!!" Allissa yells. Almost instantly, you are just about squeezed to death by six supernatural beings. Ethan and Bryan are the closest to you, they both kiss you on the cheek at the same time. You try your best to hug them back, but it's kind of hard to hug six people at the same time... and it's also hard to breathe. "Okay. I love you guys and all but... you're. suffocating. me." you manage to say. They let go. "Sorry, ____." Nick says. "You have no idea how much we missed you." Bryan says. "That was the worst week of my life!" Ethan says. "We'll tell you our story later, but first we'd rather hear yours." Anthony says. "Actually, first we gotta get outta here before we get caught." Chris says. "Agreed. Let's get out of this mirserable place!" Allissa says. You all run out of the dungeon. It's kinda hard to keep up with everyone else, but you manage. They looked extremely happy to be out of that dungeon. Who can blame them?
  9. Pretty soon, you are all outside again. It's light out and now you can really see how bad everbody looks. They're all pale, covered in dirt, and their hair is messy. "How long were you guys in that dungeon?" you ask. "About a week." Nick replies. "A week?!? Oh my God, are you guys okay?!" you ask. "We are now." Chris says hugging you. "Heidi didn't even give us food or anything! We had to stay in our magical forms to survive." Allissa says. "Holy crap! That's horrible!" you say. "No kidding!" Anthony replies. "We're going to have to stay like this for a little while." Ethan explains. You hop into the passenger seat of Chris' car and Nick sits in the back. Chris drives super fast from Jace's castle with Ethan following close behind in his car. "So, ____," Nick begins. "How did you find us?" "Actually, Jace let me have the keys." you reply. "What JACE!?" Chris says in shock. "Chris," you reply. "Jace isn't evil. He's a good guy." you say. "Psh. Yeah right." Chris says. "No, I'm serious, he really is a good guy!" you say. "But..." Nick cuts Chris off by saying, "Maybe you should let ____ tell her story." "Sorry, go on." Chris says. You go ahead and tell them everything, the potion, Jace's change of plans, Heidi being fired, etc. Chris and Nick listen carefully and try thier best to keep their mouths shut. When you're done explaining, it's hard to tell what Chris' expression was. He looked like he was feeling mixed emotions. You were about to ask what exactly happened to them when you relized you were all back at the mansion. It was SO good to be back. You stayed in your room while everyone showered and got something to eat (finally!) Everyone gathered in your room and you had to tell your story again. "Alright, now what happened with you guys?" you ask. "Well..." Bryan begins.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Sorry, I probably killed the mood with the last question xD I love writing random and weird crap in the answers. I hope you guys liked this part. Sorry I'm so late. Read the intro if wanna know why. If you don't care then that's cool, keep reading. Who do you like?

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