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  • Thank you guys. I'm thrilled to read your comments. @Firey_soul well i wanted the main character to be strong and independent so that she can handle tough situations politely rather than sobbing. And i'm a popular girl in my school and i don't hate you or anybody. Actually i kinda envy you girls. @singin234 well like i said above the situations going to be tough and awkward coming parts so i want kelly to handle it on her own. @Puffball i can't stop smiling after reading your comment.

  • Hm... I think I prefer Cameron, and I agree with Puffball, minus the caps X3 I have no problem with the "me" in the story or Charlie. Girls like Charlie and her friends tend to run in different friend circles than me, but it's not impossible that I'd make friends with someone like her.

    On another note, great job with the story, I like it and will definitely look out for the next part :)

  • Idk... both guys sound pretty cute! I also really liked the story... however I don't like the girl that's supposed to be "me" because she's nothing like the real me... I also don't really like Charlie because she's not the type that I would be friends with. All popular girls hate me, and I hate them. I'm going to keep reading this story anyway though cuz it's really good!

  • I liked it! Kelly sounds just like me! I have a popular best friend! I want it to be hitguy cuz he sounds hotter than Cameron, but that's just my opinion :) bu I will be watching for part two!!

  • I liked it. I agree with Firey_soul I don't like the girl that's "Me" I guess it's because if you were new at the school, I would be shy and ask or help. Well that's me. But I still like it. Please make the next part soon!!

  • *rubs pointer finger and thumb on chin* Hmmmmmmmmmm.... I think it's HITGUY...... OMG!!!! * opens mouth but then cover it with hand* OH MY GOODNES!! I think u know what's gong to happen.. :O ...... MAKE THE NEXT PART I WANT TO SEE WHAT'S GOING YO HAPPEN!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!! -_- please... XD

  • Kool quiz, you might want to put qoution marks where the talking is going on, because I kind of got confused. great quiz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Ardeo9999 i will take your's shortly after finishing part2.

    @xxblutix x thank you so much.

    @ash Hitguy was absolutely way too hotter than cameron in my opinion too.

  • lol good quiz
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