How do you know he likes you?

Some people and celebrities have boyfriends. What is a boyfriend? A boy who cares for you and says "I love you" about every minute of your day. He likes to make you happy and tells you how beautiful you look.

Do you THINK you have a boyfriend? Is it a REAL boy who REALLY cares for you? Until now, you could never find out without asking. And thanks to this quiz, you can now know what the buy of your dreams thinks about you.

Created by: Beky galz

  1. What does he usually do when he sees you?
  2. What would he be wearing if he asked you for a special dinner?
  3. Does he have a similar personality?
  4. Does he like another girl that isn't you?
  5. How do he touch you?
  6. How does he act around other people?
  7. What would you do for a perfect date?
  8. How do you have fun?
  9. How/ when does he complement you?
  10. What did you do together last time you say eachother?

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Quiz topic: How do I know he likes you?