Shadows Of Love Part 5

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What was behind that door?! Take a minute to imagine the possibilities......there are so many things it could be. How do you think Laura will feel about the objet?

Sad? Happy? Mad? Scared? Bored? What will she do when she sees it? Will she still love Chris? What could it possibly be? Wellll...find out now!

Created by: UnLoving

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  1. You pull your blanket up closer. You're still traumatized.
  2. Images of Megan's dead body on the floor flash through your mind.
  3. You ran, you ran fast. You got the hell out of that place.
  4. You squint your eyes shut and try to push away those thoughts. But you can't.
  5. But you know one thing: you want answers. You aren't sure how to safely get them, but you need them.
  6. It takes you two months to gain the courage -- too months of you trying to avoid Chris -- but you finally do it.
  7. You sneak into his house in the middle of the night. The place is abnormally dark with what seems like a bluish glare. You're terrified.
  8. You snuck in through the dining room window, scared out of your mind. You suddenly hear a soft, translucent voice from the living room.
  9. "Hello, Laura," it says softly. "Don't be alarmed."
  10. Your head whips over. Megan is sitting cross-legged on the sofa.

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