Shadows Of Love Part 3

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Here comes date number four, too many suspicions to be enjoyable. First there was that note in the floor, then the key in his cat's mouth, and his phone. What next?

Besides that, there was the object in the corner. How could you forget that sight? By now, you knew the truth; he had a secret. And you knew one thing: this wasn't going to continue without clarification.

Created by: UnLoving

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  1. It's your fourth date and the secrecy is eating away at your soul. The experience has been stranger that you'd thought, and you knew you had to bring it up at some point.
  2. You sit before him on the park bench.
  3. He....
  4. There's only one thing you can do.
  5. He...
  6. You say....
  7. He....
  8. "Chris, I need answers," you suddenly declare. "This isnt my only suspicion. Last week in the corner of your living room, I saw something." He...
  9. You get up and walk away. He follows you and touches your shoulder. "Laura," he coos. "The picture you saw in the corner is my sister."
  10. He leans in. "Can't you trust me?" A hand sails up to your face and brushes a stray hair from your eyes.
  11. He does nothing but shake his head and storm off with the item. You fall onto the bench and think...

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