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  • Ummmmm... 33%. And we're married. We've been together for years and i find it strange that just because he doesn't run up to me and passionately kiss me, he doesn't love me. That just doesn't add up. Oh well. I suppose it's just a quiz. Good luck to all of you with relationship problems out there.

    Xx13xX Jun 12 '15, 8:54AM
  • 7%....

    AriPatari Jun 2 '15, 10:47PM
  • I. Don't have a boyfriend so

    lila1234567890 Feb 27 '15, 9:52PM
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    Alma Feb 20 '15, 10:50PM
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    Anitadavid Jan 26 '15, 3:37PM
  • 13% there goes the most popular guy at school........yeah cauuse im a dork with disabilties! WHO CARES?!?! IM CRAP TO HIM? I knew this day would come. Popular boy to popular girl. Theve on toooooo far. >:( i hate that popular girl.... I NEED HIM BACK!!

    Christ Love Nov 29 '14, 10:50PM
  • 47% I love him way more than that...

    Sydabop May 27 '14, 6:53PM
  • 7% wtf? Im dumping him

    kelly899 Apr 21 '14, 9:40PM
  • my boyfriend because he say he loves me a 100% and i believe him$$$$$$$$$$$ TAM112193

    tamhayes Dec 12 '13, 12:08AM
  • hello what are your troubles?

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    sanusi Aug 30 '13, 5:04AM
  • I got 67%..He said me my lover lots love me.But dont show it to me.

    Pavithra Jun 14 '13, 11:19PM
  • 47% they said he loves me lot....

    jinilia Apr 27 '13, 7:11AM
  • I know my boyfriend loves me,so i dont need any quiz to confirm it..because i asked God and he has confirmed it,that my boyfriend loves me even more than i do love him.

    Calistar Apr 18 '13, 1:59PM
  • he doesnt

    bapsy Feb 13 '13, 2:05PM
  • 33%

    des4life Sep 9 '12, 11:43PM
  • I don't have a boyfriend, so I took it using my best friend and she doesn't love me. Hahah sad day.

    iluvchriscolfer Sep 9 '12, 3:34PM
  • does he really love me that is the question

    des4life Apr 6 '12, 3:09PM

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