Is your boyfriend cheating?

There are many people complaining because their boyfriends are not being loving and kind. This is why I made this quiz to help know if he is cheating or not!

Is YOUR boyfriend men, and hanging out with other girls? Well take this awesome quiz! This quiz tells all the secrets that behold in a magical realm, JK!

Created by: Arielle Janicin

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  1. Does he hang out with other girls?
  2. Does he call you when you tell him to?
  3. Do you see him with other girls?
  4. Does he say mean things?
  5. Does he hang out with your girlfriends?
  6. Does he hang out with you and your friends just because they are there?
  7. What kind of boyfriend is he?
  8. Does he spend time with you?
  9. Do you trust him?
  10. Does he give you compliments?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend cheating?