What type of guy is your boyfriend

You may not know just what type of guy ur boyfriend is but you are curious to find out. Well this quiz will help you discover just what kind of guy ur dating and what they're all about

Do you wonder what type of guy your dating but don't know exactly how to find out? Well after this quiz you will know for sure. No more guessing or wondering, especially about that birthday gift you have to get them!

Created by: Lilybear333
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How did he ask you out?
  2. What does he love most?
  3. It's your birthday, what does he get you?
  4. He broke his promise....What does he do?
  5. If you and your guy aren't hanging out, what is he most likely doing.
  6. What is his favorite spot to take you on a date
  7. How often do you guys argue?
  8. What does he call you for a nickname?
  9. What is his favorite color?
  10. It's valentines day...what does he get you?
  11. It's still valentines day....where does he take you?
  12. You try to hint to him that your feeling down, how does he react?
  13. Your at home sick from school, what does he do?

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Quiz topic: What type of guy is my boyfriend