Would You Date Me? Guys Only

First off, I'm doing this for fun, just to see if anyone could be my boyfriend. Are you my type? Or are you so not my type? Remember, this is not real.

So yeah... I need to continue this, so I am going to say some random things. You hate me I hate you let's get together an kill Barney with a shotgun up his nose fire and there he goes

Created by: shadowlove
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What age range?
  2. If you had a girlfriend, you shouldn't if ur taking this quiz, what would be her hair color?
  3. What would her eye color be?
  4. Chest size?
  5. Did you care honestly about the last three questions (on your gfs look)?
  6. If you saw your imaginary gf in a swimsuit, you'd think...
  7. Now questions about you! Have you had a gf?
  8. Ideal date?
  9. If this was real, and we knew each other in real life and we both liked each other, who would ask the other out?
  10. Did you have fun? I was bored. Last question, no effect. Will you bug me in the comments asking to please give me my email?
  11. April fools!
  12. Do you like Justin Beiber
  13. Video games...

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