seriously, would i date you (guys only)

Seriously, would I date you? Wheather your looking for a date or taking this quiz just for funn, please comment and/or rate because I really wanna know what you think of this quiz.

I'm vanilla (not my real name) I'm 14 5' 2" black hair (not goth or emo, just born that way) hazel eyes and I luv skateboarding, playing football and going on shopping sprees. Hope you like this quiz. -vanilla-

Created by: vanilla

  1. Wats your favorite movie (outta these)
  2. Hair color?
  3. Eye color?
  4. Would you rather....... for a date?
  5. Are you......?
  6. How old are you?
  7. Would you describe yourself as......?
  8. Just checking- you are a dude rite? I'm not lesbo
  9. I'm 5' 2" long dark brown hair hazel eyes, 14 years old, I luv skateboarding, football, and shopping- does this sound lik the kinda girl you lik ?
  10. Please comment and rate, I really wanna know what you thought
  11. Do you have a British/Australian accent? (It makes guys lik 10 times hotter)

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