Which SWMS boy should you date?

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You see all these hot guys in the hallway. You hear all of these crazy rumors about them. You want to know which guy is worth your time to chase after. This is it.

You just went through a hugggeeeee break up, and you want to get back at your boyfriend by finding the best guy you could possibly find. Here's your quiz.

Created by: Southwest-Middle Contests

  1. Do you want a guy with musical talent?
  2. Do you like the whole flippy hair style?
  3. Do you absolutely need a guy that will make you laugh all the time?
  4. Do you think mohawks are FINEEEEE(: ?
  5. Does the guy you date have to be one of the most wanted guys at the school?
  6. Would you dump a guy if he wasn't into rap music?
  7. Do you like guys that have long relationships? Or do you go after guys that "Toot it and Boot it".
  8. What kind of style do you like?
  9. Do you like guys that win all their fights?
  10. Do you like "players"?

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Quiz topic: Which SWMS boy should I date?