Whos Your Date To The Yule Ball

Did Ya Ever Wonder Who You Would would take you to the yule ball. do you dream about taking them to the ball insted their date. Like Me And Ron Insted Him And Pavarti

Now You Can Figure It Out Take This Quiz And You Will Know Your Yule Ball Date And Dress Mine Is A Red Flowing Long Dress Going With Ron Whats Yours????

Created by: Keyara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Type Of Hair
  2. Glasses Or Not
  3. Does He Have A Previous Girlfriend?
  4. What Does He Play In Quidditch?
  5. Does He Have a Owl Or Pet
  6. Whos His Fave Teacher
  7. Is He A Pure-blood Halfblood What People Say Blood Traitor Or A Muggle Born
  8. Is He Afraid To Say Voldemort GASP I SAID IT!!!!
  9. What Your Fave color
  10. Whos Your Fave guy

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Quiz topic: Whos my Date To The Yule Ball