Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 17

Hey guys sorry for the wait but here is part 17! Thanks to everyone who has commented and rated on the quizzes so far! Also thanks to the people that voted for the Yule Ball look!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* There was something holding you back from telling Fred you loved him but you don't know what. You had a sort of mental breakdown, Neville is grumpy because he likes you but thinks that it'll never happen and Hermione asked you to fix it. Pansy and her friends have been bagging you and you cried. Luke helped you and kissed the tears away but you ran away from him. You saw Oliver when you were sitting on the stairs, you talked to him and he said he had to how you some place. You got led to the quidditch pitch but in reality the place was someplace else. you're sister came along, bringing Matt with her, they had struck a deal and you had some quality time with Matt. You talked to him and uncovered some stuff about him that others didn't know. You met Harry and Ron on a small hill, you went to the stables to visit Maelstrom and you saw George. You went in to anger mode and hit the first vent at George. You almost set Parkinson on fire without a wand, probably something you can do from your animagus. You bumped into Draco and vented some on him and then you told Flint to 'bite me'. You had it all bottled up inside so you let it out. Punching a punching bag with a picture of Pansy on it and a dart board with Flint's picture on it. Then memories came and you wanted them gone. And Pansy is out for revenge. Comprende?
  2. Hey guys! The picture up the top is the Yule Ball dress! It's the back one not the red one! I'm not sure if this goes with it well but for the quiz I have got a couple of songs! For question 5-the end of question 7 the link is /watch?v=9lcpBhqEe2Y and if the link doesn't work it's sitting on top of the world by Delta Goodrem. The next song goes from question 8-the end. The link is /watch?v=ygEcHlJwlyk and if that doesn't work it's The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder.
  3. I had some things that I had to do before the Yule Ball. 1. Apologize to George and Draco, 2. Hang out more with Matt, he seemed to calm me down, 3. Get a dress today from Hogsmeade and 4. Actually be able to pull myself up and go.
  4. It was another Hogsmeade weekend and Hermione, Ginny, Talia, Fleur, Jamie, Natalie, Julia, Sam and Ariel took upon the liberty of dragging me along, if I wanted to or not. Fleur and Hermione linked their arms with mine and all my friends did the same, it was basically a chain that people had to swerve around so they didn't get hit. "So where are we going first?" "Gladrags Wizardwear." Said Ariel. "Oh right, the Yule Ball." I mumbled. "Yes the Yule Ball! Won't this be great?!" Said Fleur, excitedly. They entered the shop and the little bell- signaling that someone had either entered or departed the shop- chimed. They instantly scattered and started looking at dresses. I was just going to be happy for a normal one. Then we also had to grab shoes and accessories. Shopping should be an Olympic sport! I was looking around when Fleur shoved a dress in my face. "This would be perfect for you!" She said excitedly. "I'll go try it on..." I said as I entered the change rooms. It was a black dress with a sweetheart neckline and then I heard Fleur shout over to me. "Its luxurious black soft satin is brought to life as multi-layers of soft tulle are ruched, gathered and pleated into an exquisite ball gown. Finally a unique pattern cascades over the dress, shimmering with sequins and beads. At least that's what the tag says. You'll love it!" "Oh ok thanks Fleur!" That saved me from explaining it, didn't it. "Have you tried it on?" "Not yet Fleur! It's only been a minute or two since I went in here." I quickly put it on and looked in the mirror. It was a surprisingly good fit. I walked out and gave a little twirl for my friends, who had seemingly found their prom dresses. I got a lot of, "That's amazing." And, "It's beautiful." And, "You should totally get it!" So I got it. Before we left Sam insisted that I get some black ballet flats to go with the dress.
  5. We went out of the shop and then Julia suddenly said to me, "You didn't get any accessories!" I just smiled and said, "I can rustle up something in my room." "Who are you guys going with for the Yule Ball?" Ginny asked. "I'm going with Roger Davies." Said Fleur. "I'm going with Trent Oakley." Said Ariel. "I'm going with Truman Rush." Said Natalie. "I would have gone with Fred but instead I'm going with Brian Andrews." Said Jamie. "Oh I'm so sorry about your breakup!" Said Julia. "It's ok; I don't blame anyone for it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be." She cast a reassuring glance my way that we were still friends and I smiled at her. "I'm going with Blaise Zabini as you all know." Said Talia. "I'm going with Chance Tenor." Said Julia. "I'm going with Blake Spencer." Said Sam. I wonder who Luke was going with. Did I really care that much? We stopped at the Three Broomsticks and went in. "Who are you two going with?" Natalie asked Ginny and Hermione. "I'm going with Neville." Said Ginny a bit nervously, awaiting our reaction. "Fabulous!" Said Ariel and then we all leaned towards Hermione as we sat down. "C'mon Hermione, tell us." I said encouragingly. "Promise you won't tell anyone?" She said. "Promise." We all said in unison. "Fine, I'm going with Viktor Krum." She whispered. "No freaking way!" Ariel shout-whispered. "That's amazing!" Whispered Julia.
  6. As soon as we took up our normal positions Neville walked into the Three Broomsticks but he took one look at me and walked out. I decided to go talk to him like I promised Hermione. I could see her looking at me. "I'll meet you later girls. I've got some important things to do." Like fix all the broken bridges before the ball. "Sure we'll see you later." Said Sam. I basically ran out of the Three Broomsticks and into the streets, searching for Neville. I finally spotted him heading towards the trees. Oh those bought back memories. I followed him and as he sat down I made my move. I sat beside him and made sure he couldn't get away. He looked frustrated that I was here but I honestly didn't care. "Hey." I said to him. "Hey." He mumbled in return. "I heard you were going with Ginny to the Yule Ball. You must be pretty excited." "Yea." He mumbled to me. I couldn't seem to get more than one word mumbled answers from this guy. "Well don't forget to save me a dance." I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Ginny's not the only one who would like a dance." I got up and saw him go red in the face. I was walking away when I heard him shout after me, "I definitely will!" Well that was one bridge mended that was long overdue. Now to find Draco and George...
  7. I knew just the place to find the troublesome twosome. Zonko's joke shop. I took a right turn into the shop and found them in the fake wands section. "When we make our own joke shop it will be much better than Zonko's." Said George. "You bet George my boy. Our shop will be the best ever created!" Said Fred. "Mind if I ask what you're talking about?" I asked as I walked up to them. I could feel them both tense physically when they heard my voice but I could also feel the thick tension in the air. "We were thinking of running a joke shop." Said Fred quietly. "That sounds cool. Maybe I could help you guys sometime." "Yea maybe." Whispered George. "I'll make sure to keep it top secret." I said while putting my finger to my lips. This got a little giggle out of George. I decided to talk to him first. "Mind if I talk to you George?" I asked him. "I guess." He said with a shrug of his shoulders. I could see the corner of his mouth tug up though. Fred was frowning. I took him outside and then I made him follow me around a corner. "I have to talk to your brother about something too but I thought you'd be easier to talk to at the moment." Cause I didn't break your heart and watch it crumble after you broke up with your girlfriend. I thought, not saying it out loud. "Ok so... talk." Then it all just spilled out. "I'm so sorry George. I was upset with your brother and with Pansy and Flint and I took it out on you and Draco and I'm so sorry! You probably think I'm mental right now but I'm really really sorry and I know I've said it already but... I just wanted you to know." I said quickly. "Shh." George shushed me and held a finger to my lips. "It's ok." He hugged me and I breathed in his sent. "Thanks for understanding." I said while I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "But right now I need to talk to your brother. So maybe if you could get him out here for me..." "Sure." He whispered in my ear. I gave a nervous giggle but the next thing I new George was gone and Fred was turning the corner. I was kind of surprised that George hadn't asked what had transpired between me and Fred. Unless Fred already told him... So instinctively when I was thinking about it the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Did you tell George?" He looked a bit taken aback that I asked him about George and not just talking straight out about what happened. "No, I never keep things from him but you are an exception to the rule. I guess he feels the same about the things that happen between you and him." I knew what he was thinking. "Before you ask. No I did not blow you off for George. It's not as easy as you think... to say you love someone." "I know... but that doesn't make it any less painful." "It's just... when I think of my past and everything that happened I just... I don't want to say that to someone unless I know I really mean it... and I don't know that I would really mean it." "How do I make you mean it?" He asked me a bit desperately. "I don't know Fred..." "I'm never going to give up on you." He said, determined. "I know." He leaned down and before I knew it his lips were on mine. "Fred." I whispered but I wasn't resisting. I let him flood me with emotions that I've never felt capable of before and I kissed him back. Another bridge fixed. Kissing seemed to be on supply to fix these bridges today... He pulled back and then he kissed my forehead. "Don't forget to save me a dance. I've gotten better." I laughed at the memory of the YouTube video I put up. "You still haven't gotten me back yet." I whispered. "I will." He said with a wink. Then he was walking away and I knew that I needed to find Draco.
  8. Just as I was turning a corner I happened to see Luke strolling along. He spotted me and waved me over. I went and walked beside him. "Beautiful day today isn't it." He said to me. "Ok... weather... yea it's nice." He laughed. "I know, not a usual topic of conversation." "Very unusual." I said with a chuckle. Just then I spotted Draco heading towards the Shrieking Shack. "I'll catch up with you later." I said half listening to Luke's response as I followed Draco. I caught up with him just as he was walking around the building. "Isn't this the most haunted house in Britain?" I asked him. "You scared." He asked me in a spooky voice. "Not really, if you ask me this is all a bunch of codswallop." He laughed. "I like your daring." "Look I'm sorry about..." But he interrupted me before I could finish. "No need to say sorry. I get that people get frustrated about things." "And this is why I love talking to you. You understand about these things." "Exactly." He said with a chuckle. And just as we were enjoying each others time Harry and Ron showed up. "Oh..." Said Harry awkwardly. I don't think he'd forgotten about me rejecting him. But it was his fault. He just didn't know. "We didn't realize this spot was taken..." Said Harry while eying me and Draco. "Hey..." Said Ron. I still hadn't forgotten about his little display in the hallway. That bridge was one that he would have to mend because I wasn't going to say sorry for something that I had no idea what was going on. I crossed my arms and waited for them to talk. Ron just sighed. I guess he didn't really have anything to be sorry about. Asking Fleur out wasn't against the law. "Hey Ron." I said and he flushed red. Harry looked over at him but I tried to ignore Harry. "I'm just gonna leave you guys to it..." Said Draco awkwardly as he bolted. I couldn't have blamed him. "Hey..." Ron replied. "Hey ______." Said Harry. But I didn't reply. I wanted to see what he would do. I didn't have anything against Ron and I wasn't sure why I had anything against Harry either, but I soldiered on. I think he could sense my uncomfortableness and took it as anger. "Why are you angry with me? You were the one that rejected me. If anything I should be angry at you." He said in a burst of anger but I just stood there. Then after a few minutes I said unemotionally. "Maybe you shouldn't have used me as a last resort then." "You, you saw that?" He asked me. "Of course I saw it. I heard it too. I'm not deaf you know." I said still in the emotionless tone. "Well I can ask out anyone I want so don't be angry with me..." He didn't even get to finish before I interrupted him. "I'm not angry at you. I just don't want to go to the ball with you when you're still obviously hanging out for Cho.
  9. He looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet awkwardly. He really was speechless. "Tell me when you have your thoughts gathered and maybe you'll save me a dance at the ball. I'll be saving one for you. You too Ron." Ron blushed even redder and Harry was still looking down at his feet. "See ya." Ron said for both of them because Harry obviously wasn't talking. I sighed and turned back towards Hogsmeade. I didn't exactly mend the bridge with Harry but I think I did with Ron. It was a start anyway. I started walking and went to Honeydukes. There I saw Oliver. Well, more like he saw me and snuck up on me. He came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. I jumped and turned to face him. Almost spilling some chocoballs in the process. "God Oliver you scared me!" I said to him. "Sorry _____. I just wanted to see how you were going." "I'm good thanks and yourself." "Good. Umm..." He started shuffling his feet. Why were people doing that? "I was wondering... would you go to the ball with me?" He asked slowly. "I'm sorry Oliver but I was already asked and I said yes." I said apologetically. His frowned and put on a pouty face. I don't think he knows that he was doing it. "Oh ok... but don't forget to save me a dance!" He said as he quickly brightened up.
  10. I smiled up at him and told him I would see him later. It was time to go back and I was wondering where my friends were. I caught up with them just as I saw Cedric walk past. He looked at me and then glanced at the ground. I guess he was really ignoring me. I wish he'd stop it. If I died during this tournament the last thought I would have of him would be him completely ignoring me and hating on me. I didn't think I wanted that to be my last memory but he obviously didn't want to talk to me... or Cho told him not to talk to me. My friends were chatting away but I was still studying Cedric. "You know it's rude to stare." He said finally and turned around to face me. I realized I was still staring and dropped my gaze to the ground. "Sorry." I mumbled. "Yea sure..." "What is wrong with you lately?! Ever since you've asked Cho out to the Ball you've been different! I liked the old Cedric! The one that would do anything for his friends! The one that would just talk to me and tell me everything was going to be ok! I miss the old Cedric who would make me laugh and mock me and knows just the right thing to say! What happened to that guy?!" I suddenly blurted out and then covered my mouth with my hand. "I came back into reality." He said simply while walking away. I ran to him and put my hand on his shoulder, spinning him around. "I don't understand." "While you were away I found out some interesting facts. I tried... to look past it but I can't... I'm done." "Cedric..." I said stricken with what he had said. "I'm sorry... What can I do?" "Nothing..." He whispered as he walked away. I let my hand slip from his shoulder and a tear slip down my cheek. "I'm sorry." I whispered but it got carried away in the wind as I dropped my arm to my side. "I'm so sorry..."
  11. Hey guys I'm sorry this came out so late but I'm gonna stop it there! I hope you liked it and I'm sorry for the time inconvenience. I really wanted to get it out today because as of tomorrow I'll be at camp for a few days. Same as @Freeze. I also have to get @Freeze to type most of this for me because I have sprained both my wrists. I tell her what to write and she writes it for me. She also helped me when I had a bit of writers block. She came up with the idea for the Cedric and the Fred scenes and I developed from there. She's into the drama type stuff and fantasy. Anyways the Yule Ball is in the next quiz and that is because 18 is my lucky number and I need all the luck I can get. Thanks so much for tuning in guys and I want you to know that I will start taking peoples quizzes again soon. Probably after camp. I had a bit of a break there and I wasn't reading your lovely quizzes. The same goes for @Freeze. We both wish you guys all the best and thanks to the people that voted for the Yule Ball look! Also if you get the Cedric result it may be a bit confusing since we already discovered what was missing really. I hate writing the results before the quiz! Anyways, Comment & Rate 10!

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