Does Your Boyfriend REALLY Like You?

Not many girls know if their boyfriend TRULY likes them. Sometimes the signs are mixed, or hard to read, and girls have NO idea whatsoever! Let's face it, boys are complicated!

So, does your boyfriend REALLY like you? Or is it just so-so? Or maybe he doesn't really like you at all, he's trying to get someone/something else. Take my quiz to find out if he's truly loyal!

Created by: Good-Lookin' (hehe)
  1. Does he hold your hand in public?
  2. Has he ever tried to touch your chest?
  3. When you kiss, who pulls away first (most of the time)?
  4. How does he kiss you?
  5. Does he text you a lot?
  6. Does he talk to you about his Manly Parts?
  7. Is he dirty-minded to the things that you say?
  8. Has he ever slapped your butt?
  9. Does he hug you in public?
  10. Does he seem worried about you when you do something a tiny bit dangerous?

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Quiz topic: Does my Boyfriend REALLY Like You?