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  • Your Result: Sweet

    You're a sweet person! This probably means you put other people before yourself a lot of the time. You're fun to be around, and to talk to, and you make people happy. You're the reason people feel good about themselves. Anyone with any shred of confidence has that shred because there are people like you making them realize why they're so great. That said, you probably don't get that very often. You should know that everyone needs you. You're one of the most important people in any persons life. Remember there are many reasons why people like you, this is just the best. =)

    I dont know yet i have low self esteem *blushes*

    nice quiz :)

  • I got Intelligence!Wooo!A nd on the other ones I got more than half for all of them.Good quiz, it gets detailed in the results, and the results fit me.

  • This was a really good quiz! Pretty accurate too!

  • This was accurate.
    It made me feel better about me. =P


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