What is Your IQ Score?

Your IQ tells you just how smart you REALLY are and tests your brain's true intelligence. Everyone wants to know their IQ score! The higher your score, the smarter you are.

If you would like to know exactly how smart you are compared to other people, take this IQ test! Most IQ tests cost money, but this one, obviously, is free (yaaay!). Are you "severely challenged" or "extraordinarily gifted"? Find out!

Created by: Hailey
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  1. Some months have 31 days, some have 30... How many months have 28 days?
  2. Take 6 bananas from 9 bananas. What do you have?
  3. If you fly a plane 231 miles to Las Vegas & drop off 42 people/pick up 38, fly to Dallas & pick up 25 people, fly to Orlando & drop off 56 people/pick up 49 people, and then fly to Boston and drop off 27 people, what is the name of the pilot?
  4. A baker (let's use Peeta) baked 19 loaves of bread, and all but 8 were eaten by a starving girl (let's use Katniss). How many uneaten loaves were left?
  5. You are given 3 cookies. Each of them has a diameter of 4 inches and contains 6 chocolate chips. You must eat one every half-hour. How long does it take before all the cookies have been eaten?
  6. You place a cardboard box on the ground. It is a perfect cube, each side having a southern exposure. A bear comes along. The bear is...
  7. You have 12 pieces of candy in a bag; half are green, and half are pink. What is the minimum number you have to pull out to guarantee that you have at least two candies of different colors?
  8. What is over the head and under the hat?
  9. You were born on February 29, 2000. In what year is your third birthday?
  10. During a one-hour-long car ride, you ask your parents how much longer you have to drive get to the theme park. Being mean, they tell you that the amount of time left to drive is 1/5 of the amount of time you've already driven. So how long do you have to wait?
  11. What do YOU think you're IQ is?
  12. Just curious - did you think this quiz was challenging? This won't effect your score.
  13. I hate to do this to you - really - but please rate my quiz, and comments are even better! :)

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