Do You Really Know Me?

My quiz is ALL about Me! If you know me or think that you might know me take this quiz and see how well you score. If you score bad then maybe you should try to get to know me before you decide to take this quiz again.

If you score well good for you. If you score badly, then sucks to be! But thanks for trying anyways. Maybe we should talk more so that way if you got a bad score I can give you hints as to why I have the answers I do.

Created by: JoLynn

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  1. Am I married, single, divored, widowed, engaged, or bisexual?
  2. How many kids do I have?
  3. What is my Nickname?
  4. What is my favorite thing to do outdoors?
  5. How old am I?
  6. What is my hubby's name?
  7. How old are my kids?
  8. What are my kids names?
  9. What is my favorite food?
  10. Who is my best friend?
  11. What type of clothes do I like to wear?
  12. What is the most obvious thing about me?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Me?