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There are a lot of smart people in the world but they just don't try but you can you can score a 100% if you try You can do it:) I hope u enjoy this quiz

So please go ahead and take my quiz to see if you have enough brain power to score a 100 percent it could be difficult but its up to you to decide if it is.

Created by: Jackie15

  1. What percentage of crashes involve some sort of driver inattention?
  2. Which distracted behaviors are most common besides texting or cell phone use?
  3. In texas,all cell phone use is banned for teen drivers during their first twelve months of having a license.
  4. With two or more passengers,the fatal crash risk for teens is five times higher than driving alone.
  5. A drowsy teen driver is ( ) times more likely to be involved in a crash.
  6. Per mile driven,teen drivers ages 16-19 are ( ) more times more likely than older drivers to crash.
  7. 55% of teen crashes happen on the weekend.
  8. Over 6000 teens die each year in traffic accidents.
  9. What is the definition of an eccentric muscle contraction is?
  10. What is dialogue?
  11. What is motivation?
  12. A symbol
  13. Rhetoric
  14. An example of intrapersonal communication is..
  15. The communication process does not need
  16. The word -phobia means
  17. The word hyper means
  18. What is imagery?
  19. What is the feeling a writer shows toward the subject of a poem/story.
  20. What are words that sound like the meaning they suggest?
  21. The repetition of a consonant sound,in the middle or end of a word?
  22. What is personification?
  23. What is the power struggle between the soviet union & us after world war 2?
  24. What is the m in mx±b
  25. How about the b?
  26. And that's it:)

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