X-treme Eastenders

People who are known as a genius dont comapre to you. Whatever score you got be proud to say, i got ** score becuase at the end of the day people could have gotten a lower score and that is fine, because you take this quiz for fun.

Thank you so much for taking my quiz and if you would like to post your score than you can. I am very happy that I made this quiz, becuase i really like testing people especially on eastenders. Well done and thank you

Created by: Soniya
  1. Who did Stacey Slater marry?
  2. Who killed Danielle (2009) shortly after Ronnie found out Danielle was her daughter
  3. What is Roxy's daughter called?
  4. What is stacey's mum called
  5. What is mo Hariis know for doing on the sqaure
  6. Who did Peggy's ex husband Frank cheat with
  7. When did Ronnie find out Danielle was her daughter
  8. Wich girl is living with dot
  9. Who is ricky's daughter
  10. What is Ian's current (wife) called

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