Eastenders Quiz

There are many smart people, but only few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. A genius is someone with an extraordinarily clever mind who can solve the most impossible problem and they see the world in a novel point of view!

Are YOU a genius?! Well you need to prove that! Do you watch Eastenders and love it? Do you watch just for an unknown reason? Or do you just not watch it at all? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Meliza of this site
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  1. Who first found out about Max and Staceys affair on the camcorder?
  2. When Ian Beale went missing, who kept him hostage?
  3. Who died last Christmas?
  4. Which couple kept Dawn prisoner for her baby?
  5. Who stole the charity box outside the vic?
  6. What is Billy and Honey's baby called?
  7. Who lost to Phil in a game of pool?
  8. Who is Heather in love with?
  9. What is the name of Lucy and Peter's younger brother?
  10. What is the pub that Peggy owns called?

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