How Well Do You Know The Eastenders Characters?

Eastenders is a very good, and somehow funny soap. Best out of the lot in my opinion. But what really is the programme about? Disfunctional families, unhappy families, and some...happy families?

Do YOU really have what it takes to take a chance and complete this test? Well in a few minutes, you're goign to find out! GOOD LUCK! Some questions are hard and some arent. Sorry if they are, but I wanted to give you all a challenge.

Created by: Sasha

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  1. What Is Stacey's Mums Name?
  2. What Is The Name Of Roxxi's Baby?
  3. Who Is Billy Looking After?
  4. How Did Pauline Die?
  5. Who Is Janine's Rival?
  6. What Is Libby's Nickname?
  7. Why Is Eastenders Loved?
  8. How Are Roxxi And Jack Related?
  9. Who Was The First One To Find Out About What Janine Was Up To?
  10. Peggy Is Together With Archie, And Peggy Thinks Archie Is A Loving, Caring Guy. But Who Can Say Different?!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Eastenders Characters?