what soap character are you?

Everyone has a soap character. small or large, green or blue, or just a bit...odd. anyway, this test thing is designed to help the confusion. hope ot helps.

the question is...Who are YOU? well, don't get over exited, you'll find out soon enough. contains characters from corrie, eastenders, and hollyoaks wow!

Created by: kathy

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  1. ok, everything is going wrong. mum is anoying, dad is a bully, mates can't help much. and whoever you like hates you. what do ya do?
  2. brother or sister is getting more attention.
  3. its a party! your whole family's there, and things turn into an argument. now what?
  4. yuo wanna buy something, but you can't afford it, whadya do?
  5. people think you're a dissapointment. what now?
  6. ooh. cookies!
  7. ugh. stupid t.v. got nothing on. WHAT SHOULD I DO???
  8. what soap do you like most?
  9. what is your oppinion on school?
  10. the doctor told you to go to rehab. you said:

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Quiz topic: What soap character am I?