Eastenders Quiz

Come along and take this fantastic eastenders quiz. The questions are all related to what has been happening on this much loved soap in the past 10 years. See if you can climb your way to genius of soap.

Are you clever? Do you have a good memory? Are you a genius? Do you have the brain power? lets find out, good luck in taking the qiuz. I wonder if you will get all questions right???

Created by: Jennifer Best of quiztime
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  1. what has Roxy Mitchell named her baby daughter?
  2. Who shot Phil Mitchell?
  3. With whom did Sonia have a lesbian affair with?
  4. Tony has been having a sexual relationship with young Whitney, who has Tony set his sights on now?
  5. Who killed den watts?
  6. what was the name of the horrible woman who was torturing Ben Mitchell?
  7. what is the real name of Max Branning?
  8. What day did the branning household see the evidence of Max and Stacey's affair?
  9. Who is running the stall with Stacey Slater?
  10. Who runs the Beauty Salon?
  11. What was the name of Johnny Allen's daughter?
  12. What is Stacey Slaters real name?

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