I bet none of you can get less than 100%

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I felt like making a random quiz today. So, I made this one. I bet none of you will score lower than one hundred percent on this quiz. If you somehow do, you are amazing!

Anyway, I am absolutely positively sure that you will not score lower that one hundred percent on this quiz. What? You think you can prove me wrong? Then take this quiz!

Created by: Vampirina
  1. I bet you cant get less than 100% on this quiz.
  2. What is my favorite .io game?
  3. What is my favorite cat breed?
  4. What is my nickname?
  5. Which character is my all time favorite?
  6. Who is my favorite GTQ friend?
  7. What play am I most excited to audition for?
  8. Who am I auditioning for in Elena of Avalor live?
  9. Who was I for Halloween last year?
  10. I bet you got 100%.

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