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  • Your Result: Your IQ is 115-129 (above average!)



    Vaders Jan 30 '16, 7:13PM
  • I got 130 but in real life it's 159 I guess the creator of this quizzes iq must be low

    Guy02 Feb 21 '15, 11:15PM
  • Same as apersonisalive. My real life IQ is 158 but I got average. lol. Probably because the average creator of this quiz couldn't figure out his own average questions. lol.

    Firestar3208 Sep 19 '14, 10:29PM
  • Lol... I'm average. In real life I have a 155 IQ. Awesome quiz XD

    Apersonisalive Jun 8 '14, 11:20AM
  • Your Result: Your IQ is at least 130! (Gifted!)


    AWESOME JOB! You have an IQ of at least 130, meaning that at the very least you are gifted, but you could have an IQ of up to 175 (extraordinary genius)! Great work! Please remember that this isn't an ACTUAL IQ test.

    Yay! I'm gifted! Nice job with the quiz. I thought the questions were fun, even if some of the answers were obvious.

    Queen Elsa Mar 3 '14, 9:50PM
  • I got the right answers and it just said average.

    Asertosi Feb 18 '14, 9:35PM
  • YEEESSSSS!!!! 115-129

    Jenniferdu Feb 7 '14, 6:58PM
  • My IQ score was 85 to 114! YAY!!! XD (I'm such a nerd :p)

    Tsukasa02 Oct 22 '13, 12:55AM
  • 70 87

    ceuenfe Oct 5 '12, 10:21PM
  • NERD!

    awesomepplrule10 Aug 19 '12, 11:13AM
  • I'm actually pretty gifted if you ask my classmates. I'm not a nerd though.

    Ray Gao Aug 6 '12, 9:32PM
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    18erivan Aug 5 '12, 5:58PM
  • Josh Hutcherson? lol I was about to click that just for the lulz!

    pussycat9 Jul 30 '12, 11:06PM
  • o.o wrong age sorrry guys i'm not 13

    scolionophobia Jul 27 '12, 3:13PM
  • Gret quiz, and not just because I got above average.

    wolfgrl45 Jul 27 '12, 10:10AM
  • This quiz was completely AMAZING! It really got my brain working and was fun at the same time. Great work and the effort you put in was worth it! 10/10 :D

    ange Jul 27 '12, 2:50AM
  • Average... ehh I'll get a better score when i go back to school

    graceface Jul 27 '12, 1:29AM
  • I got 130+, and although this isn't a real IQ test, I think it's pretty good for one that is limited to text-based questions and multiple choice answers.
    Great job, and good job with the trick questions... though they may have been a bit too easy.

    mastermind73 Jul 24 '12, 8:24PM
  • this isn't right. my IQ is 131.I got gifted but still I was tested in real life with blocks and 3D objects besides the trick questions you gave us. This isn't an IQ test because there was no spacial awareness in it.

    xXParisXx Jul 24 '12, 6:50PM
  • average. not bad :) i was expecting worse :P

    kristina64 Jul 24 '12, 3:56PM
  • Your Result: Your IQ is 115-129 (above average!)

    Congratulations ! :) Your intelligence is ABOVE average, so you're obviously pretty darn smart! I'd check your family tree if I were you, maybe you've got some brain surgeon genes in there somewhere... :) But remember that this isn't an ACTUAL IQ test.

    Wow, This is real accurate. Awesome quiz. Ilovedit!!!:)

    Ashl3y Jul 24 '12, 2:08PM
  • Q.7: eat cookies of choclate chips?
    Q.12: its 12 min, not 10.

    & i got above average.

    i always get that month mixed up.

    Magicala Jul 24 '12, 12:59AM

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