do you really know me

there arent many genius's in the world. Are you just a good friend that knew alot about me or are you someone who felt like taking a test either way you know me somehow.

Are you a genius? How did you score on my test. I think if you got a low score well i will just laugh at you it wasnt hard if you got a high score i feel te love between you and i not really.

Created by: Aarika

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  1. What color are my eyes?
  2. what are my middle names?
  3. how many sibs do i have
  4. what are my sisters names
  5. What are my brothers names
  6. whats my mom and dads name
  7. what town wasi born in
  8. whats my nephews name
  9. what are my 2 favorite colors
  10. whats my favorite kinds of drawings

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Quiz topic: Do I really know me